Hand Raised Beef!
From the Field to your Freezer, cutting out all the middle men.


                                  Based on 3.5 oz. serving size of ground meat
                                 Source: Longhorn Data. ""Nutrient Density of Beef From Texas Longhorn Cattle;" Texas A&M; 1997.
                                  Other data USDA., USA Today 11/29/91. Pope Lab, Inc., Dallas TX

 How we do it:  What we Produce:
 • No Growth Hormones
 • No steroids
 • 90% grass fed and finished
 • Locally Processed in USDA plant
 • Locally procured and processed feed supplements
 • From our pastures. Born & Bred right at the LLR
  • One of the leanest and healthiest protein sources
  • Rich Flavor
  • Meat available by the package, quarter, side or whole.

 Contact:  Paul at pmccormick@libertylonghornranch.com


Standard Packaging - Wrapped in Butchers Paper


Optional - Vacuum Sealed

Coming Soon - Online ordering!


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